SGSG: 10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

We are less than 24 hours away from the unavoidable, infamous Valentine’s Day. Every store is filled with heart-shaped red boxes of chocolates, rows upon rows of cards declaring love for someone in one hundred million ways, bouquets of roses spilling out from floral counters, and balloons marked with script reading, “I love you.” Basically, Corporate America chewed up love and then, regurgitated it all over every building with a cash register.

Clearly, that’s a single girl’s view of February 14th. Whether you're single or in a relationship, the holiday sends us in search of someone to profess their love for us in some grandiose, overt way. If you’re single like me, when you ran into your first Valentine’s display a few weeks ago, you already knew what to expect tomorrow. Nada.

Recently, I thought to myself that since I’m the “Queen of Ideas,” there are probably 10 better things I can do tomorrow rather than curl up into fetal position and ignore every red, pink, shiny, and/or lacey thing screaming, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

If you are flying solo, here are 10 ways to enjoy your Valentine’s Day:


1. Stop and Smell the Roses

 Whether you are enjoying your single season or not, there are some moments that remind you that someone did not pick you, yet. It can be just as awkward as getting picked last for dodge ball in gym class when you were in grade school. But, that’s quite alright. We all have those moments, even me. Depending on how much of a drama queen (or king) you are, it can send you into a serious anxiety attack. Just like gym class, you’ll eventually get picked. However, when you do, it won’t be because of pity. Valentine’s Day is going to happen with or without you. If you can’t beat them, join them.

2. Pick a Valentine

In case someone never mentioned it to you, this day is not exclusively for couples. Is there someone at work who always smiles and lends a helping hand? Does the barista at your favorite coffee shop always remember extra sugar? Go to your local dollar store and buy a box of cards. Then, for every person you encounter who you deem worthy, give them one of those cards. Watch their faces light up! We never truly know who needs a small act of kindness. The holiday is about spreading love. There’s no law that states you need to be in a relationship to do so. All you need is the capability. If you have a few extra dollars, then you are more than capable. Considering it paying it forward.

3. Celebrate Galentine's Day

Let me be the first to say, Happy Galentine’s Day! There’s a new trend to celebrate with your gal pals the day before Valentine’s Day coined by Leslie Knope of hit-show, Parks and Recreation. Hit up your squad and organize a quick Galentine’s Day celebration. You and your ladies can hit up a cheap happy hour after work or just exchange cute gag gifts. Check out my Galentine’s Day Board on Pinterest for some fun ideas or read this Buzzfeed article, 21 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day with Your BFFs.


4. Treat Yo' Self

As if we need an excuse to treat ourselves; go and do one thing nice for yourself. I am a fan of lingerie. I am the type of woman who doesn’t need a man as a reason to buy it either. Sometimes, a nice bubble bath and then sliding into a brand new teddy is just what I need to feel sexy. If that is a little too hot for your taste, buy a new scarf, necklace, or outfit. Just make sure you buy yourself at least one thing to celebrate yourself on Valentine’s Day. You love yourself, right? Then, treat yo’ self.

5. Plan a Spa Night

This goes along with treating your self. Pull out every stop on Valentine’s night. Don’t work late and carve out about two hours for yourself. Do all the things that you don’t usually get to do for yourself during the regular rush of your day. Run a bath, drop a bath bomb in the water, slap on a facial mask, soak, I mean really soak, and luxuriate with a glass or bottle of wine.

6. Enjoy Fine Dining

Take yourself out to a nice restaurant. Recently, I took myself out on a date to The Elephant on Charles Street. Prior to the dinner, I was super nervous. I expected the entire restaurant to stare at me in pity. But, it wasn’t like that at all. It turned out to be a great experience and I had a chance to really savor my meal without having to juggle entertaining a date. If you don’t have dining out in your budget, stop pass the market and pick up your favorite foods. There’s no excuse to not enjoy a great meal on Valentine’s Day. Whenever

7. Netflix and Chill

Valentine’s Day falls on a work week this year, but there’s no reason you can't enjoy a little binge-watching. Queue up your favorite chick flicks and uncork a bottle of wine. It’s that simple. Sometimes a sappy romance film is the right dose of love. Here are a few of my recommendations for when I am in a lovey dovey mood: The Break-Up, The Fault in Our Stars,  The Notebook, and any other movie starring Rachel McAdams.

8. Pen Your Future Bae

How romantic is it to write your future beau a letter before you even know him/her? Most people underestimate the power of writing things out. When you meet him/her, because you will one day meet, you can give it to your Valentine. We often times focus too much on what we don’t have. However, wouldn’t it be much better to focus on what’s coming to us. The glass is never half empty, it is always half full. Your significant other is out there searching for you, too. When we are single, we should enjoy it, but we should also prepare for love’s promise.

9. Buy A Journal

Our single season is an opportune time for self-reflection and growth. A journal is a great way to track your progress. Also, it can be a healthy way to vent about your feelings of discontentment. It is quite okay to feel sad about being single on Valentine’s Day. You are human and you are entitled to your feelings. Give yourself a tangible place to work through those feelings. After Valentine’s Day is over, you will still have days where you are dealing with those feelings. If you want to make this season a meaningful one, I highly suggest jotting it down.

10. Create a Single Bucket List

The nine things above are not limited to Valentine’s Day. Honestly, most of the list you should do for yourself quite often. It’s apart of self-care. So, let’s take it a step further. Challenge yourself to create a list of things you’ve always wanted to try or do solo. These should be things you wouldn’t want to clear with a partner. Indulge into your quirks or take up a class in a hobby you always wanted to try. Write all of them down and then get started. You’ll be so busy that your single season will fly right by. When bae does finally find you, you’ll be well-rounded and even more interesting!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

What are you Valentine's Day plans? Do you plan on doing anything on this list? Can you think of some more things to do? Comment below.