Big Glam Hair Goals For Less

The beauty of being a woman is the ability to change our look by experimenting with different hairstyles. As a proud naturalista, I am always looking for ways to be creative with my hair while maintaining its health. Currently, my hair is just reaching into bra-strap length and that is all thanks to protective styling.


One of my favorite protective styles is wearing a crochet wig. There are two reasons I love creating crochet wigs: it is inexpensive and beginner-friendly. If you aren’t apt to doing your own crochet braids, diy-ing your own crochet wig is a perfect alternative. 



Materials Needed

l A mesh/netted wig cap


l 4 packs of Sensationnel African Collection Kanekelon braiding hair

l 3-5 packs of perm rods of your choice

l A leave-conditioner or mouse of your choice

l Crochet needle

l Paddle Brush

l Scissors

l A pot of boiling hot water

l A Styrofoam mannequin head


All items were purchased at my local beauty store. The pictures and links provided are to give an example of the products and tools used. Feel free to substitute with your personal favorites.



Protective Styling retains length.

This photo is of a length check I did October 2017. My hair is less than an inch from bra-strap length.

A crochet wig allows you to serve big hair glam goals for less. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to recreate this look:


Step-by-Step Guide


1. Place your mesh/netted wig cap on your Styrofoam mannequin head. If you desire extra security, pin the mesh cap down with pins.


2. Take one pack of your Kanekelon braiding hair and remove the hair out of the plastic. The hair should already be folded in half and marked by a rubber band. Cut the hair in half where the rubber band is currently placed. Remove any other packaging on the hair and separate the halves. This step is how I created the length of my wig. Your curls will be as long as the hair you used. If you want longer curls, then you keep the hair longer. But, I can assure you that my method will have you with long curls already.


3. You will work with one half of the bundles for your crocheting. Pinch a portion of hair with thumb and index finger. This should give you a good amount to work with for one curl. Now, fold the portion of hair in half around your index finger. Next, with your free hand, put the closed crochet needle through one of the holes in your wig cap. Then, take your hair and loop in still folded around your open crochet needle. Close the needle and pull it through the hole of the wig cap enough to create a small loop. One side of the hole should be a loop and the other side should be free hair. Take the free hair and pull it through the loop hair creating a knot. At the end of this step you should have a knot at the base of the wig cap with two free strands of hair.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your entire wig cap is covered. I highly suggested working in a pattern that creates a diamond effect in rows. You do not need to be worried if every hole is not crocheted. Once you hair is curled, you will not be able to see all the holes. Also, this will be very big hair by the end, so you do not want to over do it. Use your best judgment.

5. After crocheting the entire wig, you are ready to perm rod the hair. The perm rods you choose will give you the exact curl. I wanted a big voluminous wand curl look. Boil a pot of water during this step. Open a pack of your favorite perm rods. Brush out the strand and add a small amount of leave-in or mouse to the strand for smoothness. This will make your hair soft once boiled. Wrap the strand of hair around the perm rod while twisting you wrist simultaneously. You do not want the hair to flat on the perm rod. Be sure to wrap every inch around the perm rod, especially the ends. Secure the perm rods. Repeat this step until the entire wig is curled

6. Your pot of water should be boiling and hot. Drop your entire wig in the pot to set the curls. Be sure the entire wig is submerged. Pull the wig out and allow the excess water to drain for a minute. Then, place your wig back on to the mannequin head to dry. Typically, I leave the wig to dry for a minimum of 48 hours.

7. Once wig is dried, take out the perm rods. When taking down the perm rods, be gentle. Do not pull the rods out, unravel them. This technique will keep your beautiful curls in tact. After all perm rods are removed, fluff and pull apart the curls. Stay away from separating the ends to maintain the curls.

8. Moisturize and braid your natural hair. I braid my hair into 4 braids and pin them up with bobby pins. Then, place the wig on your head. Cut and style to your desire length. I like to look at a few pictures on Instagram for style and shape inspiration.

9. Walk out the door and slay the day!