Girl on the Train

Girl on the Train

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Sometimes in life you have to get on the train even if you don’t know the destination. All of that came to me after I wrapped  up my first photo shoot with some guy that left a comment under one of my Instagram photos. We all know that never leads to anything. But, this time it did.  

You can probably imagine my slow eye-roll when a photographer leaves a “let’s shoot” comment on my social media. While I take pride in my appearance, I'm not that girl that likes to bring attention to it. When it comes to the looks department, I’m a humble girl. I would much rather you pay attention to my brilliance. Apparently, that’s where my hint of Kanye lives anyway. Something felt different about Vernon though. There was no eye-roll and I didn’t keep scrolling. Instead, I replied. We corresponded via email and set-up to meet at Shot Tower in downtown Baltimore in seven days.  

A week later, the day of the shoot was here. After working my part-time gig, I rushed home to change and headed Downtown. During the fifteen minute car ride, I struggled to swallow all of the anxiety I let build up days before. We met at the Redwood Street because I thought a few street-style pictures would be great for my blog. We started and I posed the way I practiced in the mirror. Something didn’t feel right. I wasn’t myself. So we moved to Shot Tower.  

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We descended the escalator to the subway. All the steel just gleamed and something in me opened up. It was the train. To get different shots, we would jump on and off traveling between the Shot Tower and Johns Hopkins terminal. Vernon and I begin talking and that’s when I had the revelation. This is my life right now. Jumping on and off trains headed somewhere, but going nowhere. And, there’s beauty in that type of  movement. 

At 26 that is not always encouraged. The clock strikes midnight on your 25th birthday and the questions start rolling in: Are you going back to school? How’s your career going? Are you dating anyone? When I realized that I was putting pressure on myself to answer those questions, I figured why don’t I try doing something I’ve never done. I’m going to spend a year not trying to actively answer any of those questions.  Risky right? 

For the past nine years, my life has been planned. Every year, I knew what the next step was going to be or the next goal to reach. In the last two months, I’ve taken a break from any serious life planning and decided to just chill-- just hop on the train and enjoy the ride. 


Photography Credit: Vernon Davis,