Many Hats, One Fro
Many Hats, One Fro
One woman's juggling act.

Jasmine Byrd

 Many Hats, One Fro is about the many hats we wear as women in this world. It is  a mother's, student's, career woman's, friend's and lover's juggling act.

"Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?"

-Frida Kahlo

 I am just a woman from Baltimore, Maryland learning to rely more on her wings and less on her feet.Some people spend 90% of life trying to find their purpose and others may spend only 10%. Somehow I was blessed to only spend 25% on it. This blog will be a manifestation of my purpose to give, share, and encourage. Maybe by giving my time to share with my subscribers my life, I will encourage someone to fly.